dumbly racked under nietzsches knowledge

In Uncategorized on 05/14/2011 at 4:18 AM
is this state where god is dead. but he is also alive and well.
actually it doesnt matter because he isn’t even on my forefront
that odd loneliness that perches upon the top of my brain pecking away at each unblemished spot has been given wings by that rando’s tequila (man that was good shit)
it’s that odd loneliness that makes us scratch our nose because that attractive opposite may just do the opposite of being attracted and get detracted and very similar to how we feel about everyone else.
it’s that odd loneliness that parallels the fighting instinct in our brain chemistry with our arguments over what brain chemistry actually fucking is.
as if our survival could ever rely on what we say about or vitals.
sure god judges everyones heart. but if everything is absolutely and completely personal and relative to their own life: why this need for an arbitrary law?
because it was divinely delivered in the form of some cool documents that we translated. talk about doing something crazy: wikileaks the shit out of all the original religious documents and we shall find that when put in the wiki context, the only reason anyone would ever believe any of this is the sheer numbers.
email someone a doctrine and it does nothing.
indoctrination is not forcing them to learn. it’s forcing them to say yes to what you are saying and then calling it learning.
learning is a fucking accident and luckily education creates channels for those naysayers to live in a van down by the river while us college kids float on to life.
learning is a fucking accident: case in point, the godfather. he is a magical bitch and he didn’t need no education, learning whether or not god gives it to us is not about truth, it is about growth.
you can’t learn truth. that doesn’t even make any sense that implies that the others are living in lies. and who defines truth? the people who found it afterward. truth can only be a matter of preference and then there are rules. but truth and rules do not intermix. rules are ruthless, truth is toothless. all you need is some pliers to “open their eyes” and fill it with some altered light.
that is truth? doubt it. the universe doesn’t make any sense because the only thing that makes sense is that incorrect view that we rely on to live. the facts dont match up with what we know as truth and it doesn’t fucking matter.
because it’s 4 am and the fact or truth is that i should sleep and stop factoring truth in this factory.
this is fact:
this is fact:
this is fact:
this is fact:
this is fact:
and that my friends is truth.

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